What's In The Auxin Leader?

A 5-week course built around understanding who people are, where they are, and what's in your control as a leader to help them grow. 

The Auxin Team

Week 1 focuses on building your Auxin Team.

We help you select a team within your organization because you can't grow alone. 


The Auxin Foundation

Week 2 focuses on leading through questions.

Learning about your Team Members, Auxin, and Growth Cultures. 

The Auxin Way

Week 3 focuses on where your Team Members are in the growth stages.

The Auxin Way is a map of the growth process that creates a unique path for each person.

The Auxin Plan

Week 4 focuses on what's in your control to help people grow.

The Auxin Plan helps you support your Team Members' growth.  

The Auxin Profiles

Week 5 focuses on transitions and the four stages of growth. 

The Auxin Profiles help you understand your Team Members' growth stage.

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The Auxin Leader uses a hybrid learning model.  It includes all of the learning elements necessary to help you grow as a leader. 

You will choose an Auxin Partner, someone to go through the course with you. With one purchase you get double the benefits! We believe that you cannot grow alone.  So, your Auxin Partner will maximize your learning experience and accelerate your growth through the following course elements:

John Brantley

An innovator & thought leader, John has been helping organizations develop the people side of growth for 40 years in healthcare, banking-finance, and manufacturing. He is the author of The Auxin Leader, Performance Coaching, High Octane Teamwork, and The One Thing You Missed As a Leader. He is also the co-founder of Resilient Families Institute and leads family retreats for active-duty military families around the world.